Yorkshire Terrier
9 lbs.
East Haven, CT
February 5, 1999
10.5 years
June 17, 2010
11 years
3-6 months
153 days
January 31, 2010
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Jasper's story

It started with my dog vomiting. He was keeping most food down and felt fine. after trying some different things we decided to do a endoscopy. Vet found a ulcer and there was a slight chance cancer could be in it- it was. after some test it seemed to not spread to any other major organs. The next step was to remove the little part of his stomach where the cancer was but during surgery they found it spread to his stomach wall and lymph nodes. They could of removed 1/2 the stomach but he would most likely have problems and it wouldn't really do much. They ended up closing him up and doing nothing. I really don't know the exact name of the cancer he had- I didn't ask. I was in shock when I got the news. i was also told he can live a month or a year. right now Jasper is keeping his food down and acting fine- honestly you would never know he was so sick. My vet is looking into anything that may slow down the cancer from spreading more- maybe chemo. I also started looking into naturapathic remedies. don't know much about it but figured it can't hurt. Not sure if anyone knows anything about it.
Well thats my story. i am very upset and depressed that my dog has cancer and I will be loosing him soon. Sure anyone with a pet knows how attached you get and how they become family.
best of luck to everyone else whos pet has cancer

it has taken me a long time to write an update- just has not been easy. Jasper lost his battle with cancer in June. the vet only gave him 1-3 months to live- Jasper lived almost 6 months. I want to let people know what I did that helped him live longer and slow things down.
I did alot of research online- talked to some great people who helped. One was Rosemary-(rosemaryssolutions.com)-she told me about this natural stuff zeolite and agarigold. It helps get rid of bad toxins in body. good to help with cancer. she also helped with his diet- natural foods, veggies- no peas, no rice, boiled chicken is good. I also went online and found a holistic vet in my area that helped alot too. Honestly you would need to go to one for them to come up with the right things for your dogs type cancer. The homepathic remedies helped with his vomiting. slippery elm helped with vomiting too. He was also on cats claw, shiitake, alfalfa- also alot of homepathic things.
Jasper had advance cancer and I knew no miracle would cure him but I do feel what I did over those next 6 months helped slow down things, kept him feeling better and happy. It wasn't til memorial day weekend he took a turn and things got worse over the next few weeks. It was alot of work but worth it.
I miss my little guy so much and a day don't go by where I don't cry or just shed a tear.
My heart goes out to anyone whos pet has cancer.
All I can say is don't give up. you can buy time and maybe in some cases stop it.

Cancer fighting tip from Jasper's owner darlene p.

try to look into everything you can do to cure or slow down the cancer- it can't hurt. Also if you know your pet will die from it- try to save the tears for when their gone. Pets sense when your upset. They need your love and support now. You need to enjoy the time you have left. Its what I'm tryin to do- its not easy but I'm tryin.

Jasper's treatment

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  • Gone_but_never_forgotten
    Sasha Rogalinski's owner Im so sorry for your loss, such a beautiful dog.
    over 7 years ago on Jasper's wall
  • Sunriver8-30-02_014_small
    Ginger's owner Darlene, How's our little Jasper doing today? You should post a photo like the ones you sent me. Jasper is so cute!
    over 8 years ago on Jasper's wall
  • Sunriver8-30-02_014_small
    Ginger's owner Aimee just sent me a note thinking I might be able to help you with Jasper. I work a lot with dogs who have cancer, using only natural solutions. There is hope. Please call me and I'll answer your questions. 503-747-3307 Rosemary
    over 8 years ago on Jasper's wall