Rottweiler /Saluki
78 lbs.
Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma
June 1, 2008
8.5 years
9.5 years
6 months to 1 year
482 days
November 16, 2017
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Yogi's story

Today is November 15, 2017. Last Christmas Eve, I took my best friend Yogi to the vet for his annual exam; a couple of weeks earlier I'd noticed a bump near his pooper but assumed it was just an impacted gland. We skipped into the office and I declared to the staff, "We're here! Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like an impacted anal gland!" The vet took one look at it and just sighed. "This is not an impacted gland. I'm sorry." He went on to kindly share the devastating news that he thought it was anal gland carcinoma. He took blood, and called me the day after Christmas with the awful news.
A week later, my husband and I took him to the oncology specialists. They confirmed the diagnosis and performed a digital exam revealing the tumor that, to me, looked like a golf ball under his skin was more the size of a tennis ball. They did an ultrasound and found the cancer had spread already to a couple of lymph nodes. They recommended surgery (~$5k), chemo (~$1k) & radiation (~$9k). They confessed they would not be able to remove the entire tumor nor obtain adequate margins because of its delicate location. The tumor would come back. My boy is going to die of this. The recommendation stood, however, because it was all they could offer, and maybe it would extend his life. No one was able to tell us definitively whether it would be worth it.
I knew my best friend's life would end sooner than I anticipated no matter what we decided. I was completely heart-broken. My husband and I discussed it and decided we wanted his life to be happy and without stress or pain from multiple vet visits and surgery, especially given the weak prognosis if we chose that route. Instead, a friend lead me to a Veterinary Nutritionist, and she's been working with us for about 10 months. He is taking a couple of immune support & anti-inflammatory supplements along with salmon oil and the meloxicam prescribed by our vet.
11 months in now, Yogi is starting to experience difficulty passing stool. The nutritionist recommended canned pumpkin. We've started that this week. Just today it seems to have started working! I never want to celebrate a dump in the house during dinner, but my perspective has changed. We celebrated.
To be honest, we have avoided the vet's office. We know there is nothing additional they can suggest, or they would have last December. I did have to take him in during the summer because he blew his knee out running, so he's on joint supplements for that, too. Given his diagnosis, the vet didn't think he was a surgical candidate. We agreed, and he's doing remarkably well with the knee - still chasing squirrels! We will probably have to take him in soon if the addition of pumpkin doesn't do the job.

Cancer fighting tip from Yogi's owner Polly G.

Know that whatever you decide is for the love of your dog. No regrets.

Yogi's treatment

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Dry Kibble

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    Yogi's owner I would love to communicate with people who are on the same journey with their dogs. Thank you for caring enough to read about my Yogi. <3
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