Golden Retriever
81 lbs.
Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma
August 1, 2005
12 years
12.5 years
235 days
October 28, 2017
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Bunkie's story

Our sweet Bunkie was sent to a specialist to remove a adenoma at the base of her tail upon her exam the vet found an anal sac tumor small in size at the time.She then underwent surgery to remove the adenoma on her tail,the anal sac tumor and she also had an episiotomy done as she has had numerous UTI's.She made a quick recovery from surgery we then visited radiation Dr and oncologist noted an enlarged lymph node suggested removal surgeon then noted a mass on her liver thought he could remove it also but during surgery found her liver engulfed in tumors unable to operate left lymph nodes in and that's our story to date .

Cancer fighting tip from Bunkie's owner Roslynn F.

Bunkie's treatment

Natural > Diet >

Home prepared (cooked)
Dry Kibble

Natural > Vitamins/Supplements/Minerals/Herbs (Chinese and Western) >

Fish oil

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    Yogi's owner Roslynn, I'm sorry about Bunkie. It all seems to have poured down on her very quickly. Sending comfort; stay strong. xo
    5 months ago on Bunkie's wall