Trooper Stephen
67 lbs.
September 4, 2004
12 years
13.5 years
1-3 months
427 days
February 21, 2017
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Trooper is an almost 13year old Boxer who had been in great health. His days were full of tennis ball catching, swimming, napping and barking at cars. Last Monday morning 2/13/17, after our return from the park, I noticed that he was acting off. Not eating or responding well...not even to the magical cheese wrapper! I thought maybe he was just hurting from an over enthusiastic play session so gave him his as needed dose of Tramadol. THroughout the day he was essentially unchanged, but clearly hurting. If standing didnt want to lay down and if laying down didnt want to get up. Drinking but not eating. We went to the vet who did an abdominal XR which should some lumbar spondyliothis. Also he had an elevated WBC of 24000. We went home and he was essentially unchanged the rest of the day/night. Tuesday, 2/14 the Vet that specializes in ultrasound took a look at his abdominal XR and felt that he should come have an ultrasound. We did and it showed a ruptured splenic mass. He went to the OR that day and his recovery has been great. The pathology report came back as hemangiosarcoma. I have decided not to do chemotherapy. My vet recommended a supplement called I'm Yunity. THe reviews of that seemed good and so he started that on Sunday. I am hopeful that others on here have used that supplement and can tell me more about it. He seems to eat the medicine fine, I break open the capsules and add to his food. They are SO expensive and I am not sure if I can keep him on them forever, but essentially started him so that I can come to terms with all this and get settled with it and then we shall see.

Cancer fighting tip from Trooper Stephen's owner Irene C.

Lots of kisses!!!

Trooper Stephen's treatment

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Dry Kibble
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    Dobson's owner Hi, Irene, I know there are some dog owners who were active on this site a year or two ago who were using I'm Yunity or something similar. And there was promising research done at the University of Pennsylvania vet school at that time, too You might want to do a search by type of cancer on this Fight Dog Cancer site. There are many dogs who have/had hemangiosarcoma, some of which lived quite a long time after the diagnosis. Best wishes to you and Trooper Stephen. -- Eann (Dobson's mom)
    about 1 year ago on Trooper Stephen's wall