130 lbs.
Osteosarcoma (bone)
December 24, 2009
7 years
7 years
2-3 years
61 days
January 29, 2017
Lexi's public profile :
Lexi's story

Lexi is our baby girl that is friend, door bell, companion dog and super sweet temperment. The news was devastating and were trying to do all we can for her- day and night. We was really surprised to see the lack of available funding options for the beloved family member and we have never felt more alone. Watching the extremely rapidly growing mass has been heart breaking; then comes the question of amputation or not. Joined a website that someone else asked about limb amputation and the comments tore the lady apart for even considering it. Lexi is with the boys no matter what theyre doing- even watches them play video games. The cuddle time with her is so precious. The oncologist says with limb amputation, she may live another 2-4 years. Her heart, lungs, abdomen and lymph nodes are clear so far but just waiting for the next devastating blast of news when one of them isnt clear anymore.

Cancer fighting tip from Lexi's owner Melissa M.

give them every fighting chance- theyre family too. start your fundraiser very early with the diagnosis

Lexi's treatment
Reverse Osmosis
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