Everyday more and more dog owners are sharing their dog cancer story. Learn what is working and what is not. There are many ways to search: by survival rate, breed, cancer type, age or location. Or you can simply see all the profiles listed to date. Together, with our collective knowledge, we can save our dogs!
Img_3774_thumbnail Bauer with Hemangiosarcoma, Owner: Victoria A. from Hazlet, NJ
_dsc7214_thumbnail Andrew Powell with Lymphoma, Owner: Caroline P.
Mabel_tumor_thumbnail Mabel with Other, Owner: Betty B. from Redondo Beach, CA
Default_avatar_thumbnail Titan with Other, Owner: Tanya R.
Airbrush_20170914220229_thumbnail Daisy with Lymphoma, Owner: Deanna W.
Default_avatar_thumbnail Dog Plaque Removal Tips with Other, Owner: Dog Plaque R.
Jazzy_thumbnail Jaz with Transitional Cell Carcinoma, Owner: Maria-Dawn
Sara_11012013_thumbnail Sara with Transitional Cell Carcinoma, Owner: Maria-Dawn
Default_avatar_thumbnail Coco with Lymphoma, Owner: Casey M.
Img_1866_thumbnail Quincy with Lymphoma, Owner: Linda H.
Default_avatar_thumbnail Dakota with Mast Cell, Owner: Kim B.
Default_avatar_thumbnail Valentino..TheWorldsGreatestLover with Fibrosarcoma, Owner: Dan B.
Img_3151_thumbnail BellaBoo with Lymphoma, Owner: Juliette S.
1494282862913-2040954284_thumbnail Chewie with Lymphoma, Owner: Jane C.
Img_3874_thumbnail George with Lymphoma, Owner: Maureen G.