About FightDogCancer.com and The 42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer

The book the 42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer and its companion Web site, FightDogCancer.com, are both aimed at providing a forum for dog owners to share tips and advice, post pictures and simply just vent about the journey, while leveraging the power of information to raise money for dog cancer charities. Filled with concrete tips that dog owners can start using immediately, 100 percent of the author’s proceeds will be donated to dog-related causes and for each story added to the FightDogCancer.com site, the organization donates $1.


The main charities the book and Web site will benefit include The Magic Bullet Fund, Canine Cancer Awareness, National Canine Cancer Foundation and The Morris Foundation.


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Our Story

When my beloved Golden Retriever, Cody, was diagnosed with hermangiosarcoma, an incurable blood cancer, I was devastated.  Like you, I hit the Internet to try make sense of it all.  What I found was so disheartening.  Stat after stat predicting the demise of my boy.  And when I tried to find success stories to draw inspiration from, they were far and few in between to say the least.  It took me countless weeks and late night hours to gather the information I needed to put together a treatment plan — all while trying to keep strong for my boy.  That is when the idea of FightDogCancer.com was born. 


In honor of my beloved Cody, I offer to you, my fellow dog cancer fighters, this free service that will be continually updated with additional features to help you quickly put together a treatment plan and kick dog cancer’s butt.


Together, with our collective knowledge, we can save our dogs.


    The Best of Luck to you,

Aimee L. Quemuel, Creator of FightDogCancer.com and author of The 42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer


FightDogCancer.com is not intended to replace the advice of a veterinary professional, and is for informational purposes only. Please seek the advice of your veterinarian or a veterinary specialist before giving your dog any supplements or pursuing any alternative cancer therapies.