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A community driven information source, FightDogCancer.com is the companion site to the book, The 42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer. Similar to the book, the goal of the Web site is to build a repository of dog cancer stories and treatment plans and tips from dog owners, but in a searchable format, so that those dealing with dog cancer can learn from our collective wisdom. Donate your story today and you will earn $1 for dog cancer charities.


Share your story to join the fight against dog cancer.


  • No matter the outcome, whether your dog is a survivor, fighting or has passed from cancer, we want to hear your story.
  • Give a dog cancer fighting tip.
  • Share your treatment plan.
  • Send a message to someone currently fighting dog cancer.


Here are just a few of the stories donated for the greater good of our dogs.


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Bailey Ann Adams
Recent conversations
I forgot to mention that I’m not relying on chemo alone. Rosco is on grain-free organic foods, both soft and kibble. Sometimes I cook f…
2 days ago on Rosco’s wall

Thankyou for the recommendations. We had some touch and go moments these past few weeks. We tried so many meds with no luck… then, th…
2 days ago on Rosco’s wall

Thank you for the kind words Eann. He was truly my best friend.
4 days ago on Ozzy’s wall

Hi, Dean, it sounds like you took good care of him and did what you had to do. I’m sure he knew you loved him. I’m so sorry for your lo…
5 days ago on Ozzy’s wall

I let my best friend cross the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. His pain had started to become unmanageable and he was unable to stand on his ow…
7 days ago on Ozzy’s wall

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