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A community driven information source, FightDogCancer.com is the companion site to the book, The 42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer. Similar to the book, the goal of the Web site is to build a repository of dog cancer stories and treatment plans and tips from dog owners, but in a searchable format, so that those dealing with dog cancer can learn from our collective wisdom. Donate your story today and you will earn $1 for dog cancer charities.


Share your story to join the fight against dog cancer.


  • No matter the outcome, whether your dog is a survivor, fighting or has passed from cancer, we want to hear your story.
  • Give a dog cancer fighting tip.
  • Share your treatment plan.
  • Send a message to someone currently fighting dog cancer.


Here are just a few of the stories donated for the greater good of our dogs.


See all of our dog cancer stories.

Some of our recent dogs
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Recent conversations
Congrats, Stetson! My Lab Dobson recently made it to the one year anniversary of his diagnosis and surgery. He has an exam and ultrasou…
2 days ago on Stetson’s wall

Aww, Cintia, I’m sorry you’re going through cancer with another dog. I don’t know how dogs Rudy’s age do with surgery and amputation, bu…
4 days ago on Rudy’s wall

Hi, Marta, welcome to the group. I’m glad Kappa’s surgery site seems to be healing well. I know it’s hard waiting for biopsy results. ...
4 days ago on Kappa’s wall

Thanks for posting Rudy’s story. I believe you have the right idea for how to proceed to give him the best possible outcome. In my work w…
4 days ago on Rudy’s wall

Do you mind sharing with me your protocol? my email is azerek@gmail.com, i am looking for ideas and change in diet for my pup
5 days ago on Princess’s wall

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